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We are a Chiropractic office based in Utica, New York that specializes in both Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic care as well as full spine care.

Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to resolving problems related to structural abnormalities in the spine and nervous system, to allow your body to work at its highest capacity.

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Upper Cervical Specific Care

Specific Chiropractic is not about getting adjusted or even receiving adjustments; it is about living a life free of nerve interference.

Restoring function at the level of the brainstem and upper cervical spine is essential so that the body may heal itself and have optimal vitality.

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Why Choose Realm?

We typically have patients drive over an hour to get to our office because of the uniqueness of our care and the fact that we specialize in cases that have been unable to get help anywhere else.

Learn how we can help you!

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What our patients say:

"When I came to see Dr. DelMedico I was suffering from transverse myelitis which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. Upon my first visit I could not feel my right leg and as such was having trouble walking and completing everyday activities. My neck and back were also stiff and sore. After seeing Dr. DelMedico, I have regained full feeling in my leg and regained all of my mobility! When I do have back and neck pain or stiffness, the office is quick to help! If Dr. Tim and his staff had not worked as fast as they did, this condition could have caused me permanent damage. I would currently be in a wheelchair or worse. Because of their quick response to my pain and paralysis I was afforded the opportunity to make a full recovery. I now enjoy life the way I did before I got sick with full mobility and little or no pain!""

Colleen E.

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